Green Lake Fish Sticks

IMGA1942 (2)The GL Chapter volunteers, with the help of Jeff Washkovick of R&R Wash Materials of Ripon who donated his Saturday and a CAT mini excavator with various mini excavator attachments, assisted in the placement of our first “Fish Sticks” project. The dozen or so volunteers dropped several large live oaks from the shore of the area known as the “Winnebago Trail” on the Green Lake Conference Center grounds, this is one of the several properties purchased by the Green Lake Sanitary district as conservatory set-back properties.

Whew what a learning curve, and a full day’s work. If it wasn’t for the outstanding generous donation by Jeff Washkovick of R&R Wash Materials we might still be out there working on this project. We placed about 400 to 500 pounds of rock at various locations along the length of trees, and enhanced the crown with other various live smaller trees. Four “Duckbill” anchors were driven straight down into the lakes shore-line to secure the trees to the shore. Hopefully this is just the first in many more placements, providing the 2015-2016 winter brings us good ice.