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WFT is planning for Green Lake

Fish sticks GLSD-GLCC shoreline 005The Green Lake chapter has been working on the “Fish Sticks” project for Green Lake since last winter, beginning with a snowmobile ride around the lake shore GPS marking over 100 potential sites. Next step was to identify those GPS locations to the property owners, and begin contacting those owners.

Upon this search we found a few parcels along the Green Lake Conference Center (GLCC), that have been purchased by the Green Lake Sanitary District (GLSD). Which was purchased for Conservancy property, one of which is known as the “Winnebago Trail”. A area that was known to be heavily used by the Winnebago Indians. This parcel #004-0946-00-000 is an good location for “Fish Sticks”, with a rather narrow littoral zone and 1500+ feet of shoreline.

We have secured permission and have the necessary permits to proceed with this project. We have also been contacted by Lisa Reas of LJ Reas Environmental Consulting Corp who has been contracted by the GLSD for a few projects. One of which is to clear several dead-falls, standing live and dead trees – due to the number of dead-falls this area is a fire hazard and must be cleared. Lisa has the necessary permits to clear a large number of trees on this property, so Lisa was put in contact with WFT GL to see if we can join our resources.

The other part of LJ Reas project is to place tree drops in the west end of Norwegian close to shore. This is in effort to create a wave buffer to protect this areas heavy shoreline erosion, this area has a very long littoral zone and is not very conducive for the “Fish Sticks” program. Since both projects require trees/wood, and we are going to be working in the same area it only make sense to join our efforts. Lisa has contacted a logger who has given us a bid to remove the necessary trees and will drop as many as WFT would need for one or two “Fish Sticks” placement along the shoreline of the “Winnebago Trail”.

The logger can place them where ever we like them. We would just have to drag them off the shore onto the ice, and anchor them for the first “Fish Sticks” on Green Lake. This will be a good starting location, once there in we can use this “Fish Sticks” placement to promote more “Fish Sticks” placements around the lake. Potential property owners can boat over and see what the “Fish Sticks” actually look like and how their anchored in place, hopefully this will help promote more interested in the “Fish Sticks” program.

Hopefully this winter brings safe ice and we can continue this project and hopefully have the first placement of “Fish Sticks” on Green Lake.