You can help support Walleys For Tomorrow in a number of ways. You can become a member, sponsor or patron as outlined below. You can also help by supporting local chapter fund-raising events by attending our banquet and/or donating money or items to be used for raffle or door prizes. Also, you can help by practising good conservation and environmental stewardship. When fishing, practice catch and release or by keeping only what you can eat. Or, you can help by being aware of and taking steps to control the spread of aquatic non-native exotic plants, fish and animals such as eurasian water milfoil, Zebra mussels and others.

You can also help by starting a chapter in your area. The chairperson for New Chapter Development along with the officers and board members can answer your questions to get you started.

Annual membership is $25. This entitiles you to a WFT decal, newsletter and the knowledge that you are helping to improve the production of our fishery. You can purchase your membership separately by contributing to your local chapter. Or attend a fund-raising banquet in your area. The banquet ticket includes the cost of the meal, banquet costs and your membership.

A person or company that contributes $250 or more annually to the WFT program. A sponsor is entitiled to a decal, newsletter, a special sponsor gift plus an invitation to our next event.

Corporate Sponsor:
Contact us to obtain the specifics of this level.

A person or company that contributes $1,000 or more annually to the WFT program. A patron receives a decal, newsletter, sponsor gift, a special patron gift plus an invitiation to our next event.

Please contact us for volunteer opportunities. Please specify your talents and interest in helping the WFT.