Projects At A Glance – Since 1991

Fox River Projects
•Eureka Dam Rapids Project Completed in 1992
•Badger Mining Marsh-Lower Dredge bank and riprap
•Iaazak Walton Marsh- Lower Dredge bank and riprap
•Barbolas Marsh-Installed 2 ea 6’ Culverts and water control structure to facilitate low water flooding
•Hart & Wiess Marshes-Cut banks and Marsh Roads to allow for greater water flow across Marshes.
•Installed an 8’ X 35’ culvert at the Berlin Dam to start the Berlin marsh projects.
•Log Diverter installed above the fishway @ Eureka Dam.
•Installed 3 ea 4’ culverts at the Princeton Dam Road to facilitate water flow through blocked marsh.
•Badger Mining Company Marsh-River bank lowered and rip rapped to facilitate water flow.
•Berlin Marsh Complex-Installed 2 ea 4’ culverts on Kujawa, Treder, Hoppa and Tomah Marshes to facilitate water flow.
•Removed the White River Dam, Rip Rapped both banks, and constructed two wing dams
•Installed 2 culverts at the end of the “Berlin Ditch” on the Fox River End.
•Repaired work areas from 2003, washed out by Spring high water.
•Installed culverts on Reinsbach Property to facilitate water flow.
•Badger Mining Marsh-Removed a beaver dam
•Put in a 5’ culvert @ Huck’s Marsh to increase water flow.
•Installed 9 ea 3’ culverts in Hopp’s Road Feb. 2009
•Put a 5” culvert @Hopp’s Road (DNR Property)
•Purchased 14 acres of spawning marsh, the East Side of Lock Road by the Princeton Locks on the Fox River Section (assuring the access for Walleyes to spawn)
•Hopp Road Culvert. Remove old 36″ culvert and installed 5′ oval culvert to facilitate water flow on west side of Hopp Road.

Wolf River Projects
•Templeton’s Bayou-Took out 1 each 4’ culvert, replaced with 2 each 6’ round culverts and 2 each 8’ oval culverts to increase water flow by over 6 times the current amount.
•Lee Volz Property-45’ wide, cut down bank on inlet to Mud Lake.
•Krake’s Marsh-Took out 1 each 18” culvert and put in 3 each 3’ oval culverts through a road in the middle of the marsh.
•Larsons Marsh-Cut bank down 65’ wide on the inlet to increase water flow during spawning.
•Larsons Inlet-Removed fallen trees and brush that blocked the water flow at the inlet to the Marsh.
•Funded the DNR Spring Walleye tagging program for 1996.
•Funding for a larger Warden Force during Spawning season.
•Rasmussen’s Canal (New London)-Excavated to aid water flow during spawning run.
•Opened up inlet to Colic Slough
•Mowed Tempelton’s Bayou to remove woody vegetation in Marsh.
•Paid Omni and Associates to do a waterflow study 2006
•Bernaggers Marsh: Installed a water level control gate.
•Installed 3 ea 24” culverts on the Steven Jordan Road which crosses the Embarrass River to increase flow into Jordan’s Marsh.
•Installed 3 ea 24” culverts under John Povlich’s Road to increase water flow

Lake Winnebago
•Became a Participant in the DNR Walleye
•Management Planning Committee in 1995.
•Ran Sauger Creel census for 8 weeks on Lake (1996 & 1997)
•Built 100+ rock reefs for Lake structure.
6,400 ft of sauger spawning structure on North End of Lake.
•Funding a 5 year Sauger Study together with the DNR @ Oshkosh (2001-2006)
•Released 190,000 Sauger Fry in 2001
•Released 2,000 fin clipped Sauger in 2002
•Released 600,000 Sauger Fry in 2003
•Released 3,000,000 Sauger Fry in 2004
•Released 3,000,000 Sauger Fry in 2005
•Released 1,032,000 Sauger Fry in 2006
•Released 1,577,000 Sauger Fry in 2007
•Released 1,256,000 Sauger Fry in 2008
•Total Sauger Fry of 6,504,000 since 2001
•Assisted in the Lake Winnebago economic value study in 2006
•Seven Habitat Structures between Quinney &
•Funded Walleye aging study done by Ryan Koenigs (Oshkosh DNR)

The Bay of Green Bay
•Walleye Watch funded to protect spawning Walleyes spawning reef created @ the mouth of the Fox River (McDonalds Reef)

Green Lake
•Funded experimental Carp eradication project.

Silver Lake Manitowoc
•Stocked 1,800 Walleyes in 1996

The Milwaukee River
•Planted 10,000 extended growth fingerlings in the Milwaukee River.
•Provided the seed money for the artificial reef in the Milwaukee River.
•Provided the DNR with $25,000 from 1998 to 2004 to rear walleye fingerlings and stocking extended growth walleyes in 2003.
•Funded 5 Milwaukee River clean-up days and provided boats with this use.
•Provided funding for stocking 10,000 extended growth walleyes in the Milwaukee River in 2005.
•Provided the WI DNR $25,000 in 2006 for Habitat Improvements

Grand River
•Rip rapped below dam and constructed rocked area for walleye spawning.

Okauchee Lake
•Stocked 5,000+ extended growth Walleyes in 2006
•Stocked 6,000+ Walleyes in 2008

Pigeon Lake
•Stocked 2,000+ extended growth Walleyes in 2006
•Stocked 2,000+ extended growth Walleyes in 2008

Pike Lake
•Provided funding and labor for construction of walleye spawning area.
•Pike Lake, Washington Co. Purchased rock to expand the walleye spawning area on Indian Point at Pike Lake in 2010

Washington County
•Planted walleye fingerlings in Little Green & Hill Lakes

Barron County
•Stocked walleye fingerlings in Bear Lake

Marathon County
•Built Rock spawning habitat in Lake Emily
•UWSP Society of American Fisheries Student Chapter Supported the spring and fall Wisconsin River fish survey project by the students.

Walleye Wagons
•Built Walleye Wagon #7 in 2006
•Operated 7 Walleye Wagons that have been used to hatch fry on the following waters:
Lake Winnebago (Sauger)
Pike Lake in Marathon County
Fox River @ Lake Puckaway
Big Bear Lake in Barron County
Lake Chetek in Barron County
Long Lake in Barron County
Silver Lake in Barron County
Big Cedar in the West Bend Area

•Approximately 85 million fry have been released over the last 16 years from these units.
•Purchased a new 18’ DNR work boat for Barron County
•Purchased 5 additional fike nets for the Chetek Stocking Program
•Purchased a new generator for the DNR Shock Boat in 2007
•Purchased a new Shock Boat for the DNR in 1994.
•Purchased a new electro-shocking unit for the DNR S.E. District Shock boat in 1997.
•Purchased a Spine saw for the DNR Oshkosh office to age fish in 1999.
•Purchased 3 Jon Boats to be used in netting Walleyes and Saugers to collect eggs and aid increased release rates at local tournaments.
•Provided $4,000 ($500 each) in scholarships to fisheries students attending UWSP.
•Rebuilt Washington County hatchery in 2010

Kid’s Fishing Programs
•Expanded Kid’s Fishing Programs support of $1,000 to each chapter. Locally 2010 Kimberly Paperfest Kids Fishing Program.
•These and many other joint projects with the WI DNR and other grass roots organizations like Walleyes For Tomorrow have been made possible by the donations of our sponsors, members, and communities to the sum of just over $1,900,000 to date.