About WFT

Portable Fish HatcheryThe mission of WFT shall be to work with other clubs, agencies, and the DNR to improve the quality of walleye and sauger fishing.

This may be achieved by, but not limited to the following goals or methods:

• Water quality and habitat improvement
• Construction and/or improvement of spawning areas
• Spawning protection
• Stocking
• Studies and research
• Promotion of selective harvest and/or catch and release
• Awareness and management of aquatic ecosystems to achieve a balanced fish community
• Education and public awareness of issues important to the resource
• Other methods and activities that may have a positive effect on the improvement and stability of walleye and sauger production.

surveyWalleyes For Tomorrow will help provide the needed resources to achieve the above through fund-raising efforts and by recruiting volunteer labor where possible.

Walleyes For Tomorrow and other volunteer organizations such as fishing clubs, municipal, state or federal governments (including state and federal fishery bureaus such as the DNR and others) may carry out projects.