Monthly Archives: April 2014

Signs of Spring!

Mike Arrowood, WFT Chairman of The Board, called this morning wondering about the anticipated “ice out” date on Geneva Lake for planning of the hatcheries that WFT will be running this year.  I told him I expect the ice to break up in the next two weeks, but it’s just a guess.
1.  As soon as the ice is gone from the lake we immediately need to do a “night walleye scouting trip” to check for spawning activity or at least get a read on how close to spawning they are.  Water temperature is not the only factor for egg ripening, especially when we get to later April on Geneva.  Last year was colder than normal and we set our nets on April 20.
2.  Jim Pierce will be able to get the nets, boat, and other supplies from Fond du Lac when needed.  I will arrange for this to be done at least a week before ice out so we can go thru everything.  The boat engine was tuned up last fall, so it should run better.
3.  I need to get a list of persons and their availability to work at the hatchery during egg collection and processing.  PLEASE SEND ME YOUR NAME AND AVAILABILITY for late April/early May.  For example, indicate if you are able to work only weekends, only weekdays, or both. REMEMBER to update your membership if you plan to work. We always try to set nets on a Friday and collect and process Saturday and Sunday, but we may need to go out and collect fish during the week.
4.  I will keep you updated on what is happening and what needs to be done in the weeks ahead.
Brian H. Simon
WFT/WC Chapter Chairman