Winnebago System Walleye Movement

By Angelo Cozzola – WDNR Fisheries Biologist

Attached are summaries of the Winnebago tagged fish as well as the Upper Fox/Puckaway tagged fish. The DNR just completed downloads for this season, though it will take a bit of time to get the newest data into this format as the work up can be fairly tedious. This project is ongoing and will likely continue for 3-5 additional years. The files attached here are somewhat preliminary and a more thorough analysis will be conducted at the conclusion of the study. We were able to access some interesting metrics, and I hope you enjoy the results thus far.

The WI DNR would like to acknowledge Walleyes for Tomorrow contribution to this project of paying out rewards for all sonic tagged fish in this study. Due to this reward payment, the DNR have been able to recover and redeploy 24 tags into fish with remaining battery life. They also have 12 more recently returned tags on my desk that will go out this fall. These tags have a price tag around $400 and this tag return system has been a large benefit to the project.